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Price Adjustments 2023

On January 1st, 2023 we will increase all our Virto.CAD pricing plans.

New clients and subscribers will automatically receive these new plans, while existing subscribers will get the new pricing on the date of renewal of their plan (after January 1st, 2023). Clients having multiple subscription plans (+3) or a tailored enterprise plan, will be contacted directly for a customized price proposal.

Our Virto.CAD* pricing will change as follows :

  • Yearly subscription – Single Workstation : € 2980
  • Yearly subscription – Dual Floating : € 4478
  • Monthly subscription – Single Workstation : € 298
  • Monthly subscription – Dual Floating : € 447

A yearly subscription still offers a “10 + 2 months for free” benefit. Please check here what’s included in your subscription plan.

* Subscription plans in a different currency will be contacted directly.

Why we adjust our prices

We didn’t take the decision to increase our prices lightly. In the past couple of months we’ve kept our current pricing fixed and took increases of costs for our own account. Unfortunately, we will have no other choice to increase our prices at a higher rate than usual this time due to external factors, even though we have tried to keep this rate as low as possible.

We’d like to explain to you why we have decided to introduce the new price increase the way it is.

Product Development

Since we want to offer our clients the best possible quality software, we continuously focus on building improvements, adding new features & functionalities and develop new software tools and platforms. All of this requires a lot of investments, both time and financial wise. So in order for us to be able to do R&D and improve, expand and develop our products, we need to increase our current prices.

It goes without saying we keep doing our utmost best to provide PV design software tools that are not only professional and highly advanced, but also user-friendly, fast and accurate.

Business Growth

We are also commited to growing our business and our staff. This way we can build a skilled and experienced team for support, customer care and product development.

Inflation & Rising Costs

Lastly, the current economic situation has a considerable impact on our pricing levels as both staff and fixed costs are rising significantly.

Thank you

We appreciate all clients who have been working with us and our products over the past year(s). We understand that a price increase in these challenging economical times may not be easy. However, we assure you that we keep this increase as limited as possible and that we continue to commit ourselves to providing the best PV design software.

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