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ALLiDRAW Calculator Launch


Allimex Green Power is launching a calculating tool “ALLiDRAW” for sloped roofs. This tool allows you to calculate and manage all your ALLiN projects easily in just one application.

After selecting the location, roof type, solar panels and mounting system, you’ll be able to generate and receive a complete project overview that includes a bill of materials and a strength verification. Custom to each project!


Easy & Fast Calculation

ALLiDRAW has been developed for solar installers in order to calculate all ALLiN projects easily in just 4 steps.

  1. Enter all project information, such as a location and a project name.
  2. Draw the roof (and obstacles if needed) and select the roof type and roof coverage.
  3. The calculator selects the environmental variables, such as static wind and snow load, based on the location.
  4. You are able to choose the solar panels and specifications of the mounting system of your preference. Solar panels are placed automatically or manually.

You’ll receive a complete report of your entire project, including safety margins, allowed forces, ballast and a detailed bill of materials.

Advanced Calculations in One Application

During the development of ALLiDRAW we strongly invested in the integration of static wind load and snow load. Because of this feature, you can create projects in any location. The tool also calculates automatically safety margins and allowed forces for each individual installation.

Safe Installation Guaranteed

The ALLiDRAW calculator received a certificate by PEUTZ, a group of independent consultants specialised in a wide range of fields related to the design and building of any type of architectural or industrial development, owning their own wind tunnel. The certificate was granted for a correct implementation of wind tunnel data in the software. The ALLiDRAW calculator recognizes the static load limits of solar panels and the mounting system. It is not possible to go over or cross thes limits, which results in a safe installation.

Virto Solar & Allimex Green Power

Allimex Green Power decided to work with us, Virto Solar, for the development of the ALLiDRAW calculator. 

Promptly providing installers of green energy systems big and small with the high-quality, innovative solutions they need, thats their mission. From mounting systems for PV panels to charging stations for electric vehicles, we do it all!

Together we developed an application for pitched roofs. Allimex Green Power took care of all bill of materials, calculations and dimensions and shared these with us.  In the next stage we translated all this information into a user-friendly and automated calculator for the ALLiN inlay system.

ALLiDRAW is developed on our Virto.CORE framework. Read more about the features and functionalities here.

Pricing is available upon request.

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