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solar design tool

Solar design tool
to maximize your sales

Virto.MAX is a cutting-edge web application for sales teams of EPC, developers or installers to design module layouts and simulate yield of SME or C&I projects.

How we support you


Our user-friendly interface makes it possible 

for everyone to design a solar project.

Speed up your sales process and evaluate 

solar potential of your projects in a few clicks.

Facilitate seamless collaboration across

company departments.

Empower sales teams with realistic visuals.

Create reports with valuable insights into 

your design.


Easy 3D modeling of buildings

Automated module layout design

Customizable reports

Yield simulation

Shadow simulation

Google Maps, PDF and PNG

Compatible with Virto.CAD

Shareable projects

Import & Export of BIM-models

Visualize with Augmented Reality

Convert drone and LiDAR scans to 3D Models


Create 3D buildings with obstacles

Choose from a wide slection of roof options – such as flat/open gables, a shed or hip – and obstacles. 

Add to your rooftop and create a 3D building with just a few clicks.

Automated module layout design

With more than 10 000 preconfigured solar modules and the option to add new data manually, solar module layouts are generated and adapted easily.

Select substructures and apply to your layout.

Yield simulation to optimize your PV projects

We predict energy output based on various factors like sunlight, location and panel efficiency. Use this data to optimize your solar installations with insights into potential yields.

yield simulation

Shadow simulation

Take all shadows into account during the design of your solar project for optimal output.

You can configure your shadow free timeslot and decide if you want to manually or automatically remove shaded modules.

Customizable reports

Add your branding materials to your profile to customize your reports.


Create realistic visuals of your solar projects in just a few clicks.​

Free 14-day trial

Quick learning



Empower your sales team with realistic visuals and enhance your sales processes between departments.

Virto.MAX is the perfect solar design tool to generate module layouts and gain insights into yield potential.

Start a free 14-day trial or request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Virto.MAX?

Virto.MAX is mainly used by installers, developers and sales teams for SME and C&I photovoltaic projects.

However, it can be used by anyone who needs realistic visuals.

How much does Virto.MAX cost?

Please check our pricing page or talk to our sales team.

How do I start a free trial?

Request an account via .

How long is the free trial?

The free trial is valid for 14 days.

Is there a project size limitation?

Virto.MAX is able to process both small and large projects without any sizing limitations. The number of buildings in one project is therefore unlimited.

However, the project size you will be able to generate depends on your subscription.

Can I design rooftop and ground-mount projects?

No, you can use Virto.MAX only for PV rooftop projects at the moment.

How do I get support?

Please contact

What internet browser can I use for Virto.MAX?

Virto.MAX is compatible with Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

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