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PV design framework

Automated calculator for mounting system manufacturers

Virto.CORE is our recently launched PV design framework which allows us to make a white label web application together with customized features.

Virto.CORE for your business

Virto.CORE does not require any prior 3D knowledge or CAD experience which makes it the perfect tool to plan and design large-scale solar projects more efficiently.

It allows companies to automate the entire design process extended with customized features on such as static load calculations (ballast), Eurocode calculations (wind and snow loads), bill of materials and reporting.

Design & report

Virto.CORE is typically used by mounting system manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. However, this PV solar design framework can also be used by any other company in the solar business that needs customized design tools to automate its processes.

By using Virto.CORE you will be able to plan, design and prepare reports in an efficient and time saving way. It’s currently applicable for both flat and sloped roofs – and soon also for ground mounted projects.

Why choose our solar PV design software

One platform

One platform to design it all. All the tools you need are available in one place and we offer integrations to 3rd parties.

Fast & Efficient

Our PV design software speeds up the entire engineering process and saves you more than 75% on engineering time and cost. We remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks by automating calculations, layouts and reports.


Automatic configurations (design phase) and augmented reality (construction phase) will prevent wrong installations. Our photovoltaic software generates solar panels, calculations and bill or materials without any design errors.

Easy 3D Modeling

No need to spend extra time or money on expensive 3D drawing or programs. Our software generates 3D models of buildings automatically using data from Google Maps, imagery or Plex-Earth.

Support Team

Our incredible team provides tutorials, trainings, demonstrations and 1:1 support if needed.

Features & funtionalities

3D building design modeling

Automated module layout design

Automated Eurocode calculations

Calculate ballast from windtunnel data for flat roofs

Strength verification for sloped roofs

Calculate Bill of Materials

Generate reports in .pdf or .csv

Google Maps, PNG and underlays PDF underlays

Customize with own company branding

Plan, design & automate


3D Building Creations

Virto.CORE contains tools to easily create buildings in 3D automatically without any prior 3D knowledge.

It is possible to choose from a wide selection of options, such as flat / open gables, a shed or hip or any other obstacles.

After selecting the desired obstacles, these can be added to a rooftop with just a flew clicks.

Automated Eurocode calculations​

The Virto.CORE framework allows to automatically calculate wind speed, snow load zones and height above sea levels. These calculations are based on location and country specific terrain category maps. Additional information is integrated to assist the solar engineer selecting the applicable terrain category.


Automated module layout design

The framework offers more than 10K pre configured solar modules. In case the type of solar module you  need for your project is not available, it is possible to enter the data of a solar module yourself.

In addition, you can select substructures and configure dilatation rules.

After this, you can either generate your layout automatically or draw your own. We have integrated easy-to-use tools which allow you to adjust, move, delete or duplicate solar modules.

Strength verification for sloped roofs

Our software calculates the maximum forces for substructure and solar modules for uplift and downlift and will give warnings when safty limit is reached.


Ballast calculations from windtunnel data for flat roofs

The functionality to convert a wintunnel data result to ballast services can be integrated by a 3rd party software. This is also applicable to intelligent ballast spreading and grouping distribution for economical or maximum point load limitations.

Calculate Bill of Materials

After creating the project, it is possible to automatically calculate all the required items and quantities needed in a “bill of materials” report.

Generate report in pdf / csv

Virto.CORE provides customizable PDF reports containing all project details : environment setting, location, solar panel and mounting system included in the project, building plans, BOM, strength verification, ballast, point load -plans. 

Get started

Are you excited to get started on designing your solar project? Or do you want to know more about what Virto.CORE can do for you and your company? We’d love to introduce you to all features, functionalities and customizable options. Contact us a for a price quote or request a demo.

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