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Virto.CAD Release 1.9

New features added to Virto.CAD

In addition to improvements and bug fixes, we have also added new features. These include : 

  • We have added a new mounting system integration “SUNBEAM“.
  • A new roofless mode for rooftop layout which makes it possible to build a tilted system on the ground or use it for floating PV.
  • Road/Path new functionality for civil road and 2D roof obstacle added.
  • We now support the simulation of irradiance on the ground for Agri-PV, to visualize shading by the racks.
  • and more!

Improvements & bug fixes

Our team has been working hard on Virto.CAD Update 1.9! This new version includes some great improvements and bug fixes which increase the quality of our PV plugin. Moreover, they enhance usability while you are working on your project. Here’s an overview of some of the changes we’ve made :

  • We have updated the “Mounting Systems Presets”. This means you can now filter on a brand name and all values are checked with the suppliers’ datasheets.
  • We improved the speed of rack shadow calculation while working with detailed mesh data.
  • “Rebuild Single” can now handle dilatations and tries to keep the existing gaps.
  • In the Keep Out zone “windows”, we now only display the obstacles that are in the current drawing. All other obstacles are hidden in a collapsed item.
  • and more.

Check out the video below to see some of the key features. Want to know more about Virto.CAD Update 1.9? Contact us for more information.

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