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Virto.CAD Service Release 1.9.1

A lot has happened behind the scenes! Our team has made some important changes in our Virto.CAD PV software. Read more below about the improvements, bug fixes and new features in our latest Virto.CAD release : Virto.CAD 1.9.1.

New features added to Virto.CAD

  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Terrain category 1 for the Netherlands.
    • Article number in BOM.
    • Ballast position 3 & 4, allowing more ballast to be placed.
  • Mounting sytem Sunbeam: automatic determination of maximum module field size.
  • Virto.CAD installer: Virto.CAD for BricsCAD on arm64 devices and in x64 compatibility mode.
  • Solar rack settings: option to rename all duplicate devices when the database can’t be saved .


  • Mounting system Avasco: selection of report styling.
  • Mounting system Sunbeam: error handling when ballast can’t be placed. The location of the error is now displayed on the drawing.
  • Mounting systems: give better error when pdf is already open and can’t be overwritten.
  • PVSyst: export time.
  • Summary palette: sorting of more than 10 layouts or compasses.
  • Ground build:
    • West shadow calculation for trackers on a mesh.
    • No longer change the bottom side height when changing the rack tilt angle.
  • Rooftop build: don’t load single settings when opening the EW build window and vise versa.
  • General: validation of input windows.
  • Module database: database headers styling.
  • String mapping: visual bug that left gaps between connection and interconnection lines when using a vertical connection.
  • BricsCAD: stability of drawing of trenches and trays.
  • Roof Modelling: validation of user settings.
  • Compass: rotation behavior with multi compass drawings.

Bug fixes

  • Mounting system Avasco: shielding for portrait panels.
  • Mounting system Esdec: correct module spacing and remove Wave Entry DR2 size.
  • Mounting system Sunbeam: CSV export containing commas.
  • Mounting system Valkpro+: snow zone for Poland.
  • Mounting systems:
    • Tooltips in mounting system export pages?
    • Wrong error messages when modules are outside the roof zone.
  • BricsCAD:
    • Erase colorization on BricsCAD.
    • Ribbon icons.
    • Ground modeling zones not having a hatch pattern.
    • Documents where being locked wrong.
    • Drawing ridges and gutters causing errors.
  • Roof modelling: generation of roof from older drawings.
  • Auto dilatation:
    • Fixed a bug where auto dilatation on drawings with several roofs was incorrect, if different compasses were used.
    • Fix dilatation numbering detection.
  • Ground build:
    • Tracker grouping didn’t work in boundaries of complex form or with exclusion zones.
    • Racks were not generated in multiple boundaries with “Align rows” option enabled.
    • Not allowing racks with negative tilt (carports).
    • Not being able to disable max power options of an older drawing.
    • Slope label at the wrong location when replacing EW racks.
    • Rounding error when changing the inputs in the ground build window.
    • Rounding error when inputting tracker height.
    • Setting loading when in another units than mm.
  • Rooftop Build: wrong shadow angle to be displayed when loading a roof preset.
  • Compass : bugs with some imported buildings.
  • Layout boundary:
    • Auto layout fixed for roofs with misaligned roof zones.
    • Auto layout when solids have disjoint bodies.
    • Auto layout failing on more complex imported solids.
    • No longer add a double vertexes in the layout when doing auto layout.
  • Data export: units of cables.
  • Cable routing: from device to trench.

Warning: When downgrading, you first have to uninstall Virto.CAD 1.9.

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