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virto software
virto.cad is a pv cad solar design tool

Service Release 1.11.3

Bug fixes

Cross section:

  • Cross-section functionality allows users to visualize the intersection of drawn lines with panels, terrain objects, and 3D obstacles.

Ground clearance visualization:

  • Ground clearance visualization feature now displays a warning message and highlights racks with an exclamation icon if they clash with the ground.

Build rooftop layout (EW/S):

  • Users can now directly select mounting system presets within the build window.

Compass linking:

  • Simplified linking of multiple layout boundaries to the same compass. Selection of a compass in a dropdown now applies it to all selected boundaries.

Sunbeam Supra:

  • Sunbeam Supra now supports Sweden, Finland, Poland and Switzerland.
  • Added BOM report option.
  • Sunbeam product is now automatically selected on the Mounting Systems ribbon based on the preset used.


  • Now supports Denmark, Finland, Norway and Poland.
  • Project information grouped to the separate window.
  • Wind zone/speed dropdown has been removed for non-relevant countries.

Ballast calculation:

  • Ballast BOM and Report are now saved directly on the computer, reducing the size of DWG files.
  • Ballast calculation now checks if the boundary is fully placed inside the rooftop.

Civil works:

  • Keep out zones can now be placed around roads.

Label tag composer:

  • Users can now set string label text height after strings are placed (both center and polarity).

Device placement:

  • Manual device placement process has been optimized for speed.
  • Distance between devices now considers the actual distance between their sides instead of their centers.

String mapping:

  • “Change row connection” command is now available for ground projects.
  • Improved performance of manual string mapping.
  • Added ability to swap polarities of selected strings using string mapping commands.

Build ground layout:

  • Inter row distance input box is now separated into “Min” and “Max”.

Wiring groups:

  • Wiring groups are now copied along with panels.
  • Optimization of wiring group name placement.

Summary palette:

  • Displays a warning message if an empty table is inserted from the summary p

Ground clearance visualization:

  • Changed the order of the sections to be more logical: now the user first selects the boundaries, and after that picks the heights and colors.

Calculate DC cables:

  • Removed 2.5mm² cable option.

String settings:

  • “Polarity offset” setting now supports decimal numbers.

PVsyst export:

  • Improved the accuracy of the PVsyst export.

Layout boundary:

  • Enhanced performance of boundary recovery feature.

Bug Fixes

String mapping:

  • Fixed a bug where String Mapping Automatic (roof): Highlight mapping is not executed at the end.
  • Resolved several bugs related to incorrect polarity placement of string mapping when using the string mapping type ‘crossing’.
  • Fixed a bug where strings sometimes had more interconnections than they should.
  • Fixed a bug where string navigation was incorrect when the System configuration contained YConnectors.


  • Fixed a bug where the filter dropdown in the inverter database could have duplicated values.

System config:

  • Device allocation to the wiring groups is now almost immediate (as well as de-allocation).
  • Fixed a bug where the correct amount of inputs couldn’t be added to the string box.

Irradiance simulation:

  • Fixed a bug with negative percentage while calculating surface irradiance.


  • Fixed a bug where Numbering gave weird results in some places.


  • Fixed a bug where BricsCAD randomly crashed during some operations.
  • Addressed several discrepancies between AutoCAD and BricsCAD UIs.
  • Fixed a bug that often crashed BricsCAD when some auxiliary windows were closing or opening.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the CAD application when the mounting system BOM panel was opened could break the CAD ribbon during the next launch.
  • Fixed a bug where opening BricsCAD threw errors on V24.2.03.

Ground clearance visualization:

  • Fixed a bug where “Select all” and “apply” threw an

Build ground layout

  • Fixed a bug where trackers built with high shadow angles led to incorrect results.

Rebuild Ground:

  • Removed the “Continuous numbering” option from the “Rebuild ground” window.

Summary palette:

  • Fixed a few row misalignments in the AC devices table.

Calculate DC cables:

  • Fixed a bug where not the most optimal cable was chosen.
  • Fixed a bug where NEC cable voltage drop was incorrectly calculated in the summary palette.

Bill Of Materials (BOM):

  • Fixed a bug where opening the BOM crashed AutoCA


  • Fixed a bug where Dilatation Validation did not run when the window was opened.
  • Fixed a bug where the roof zone failed to place.


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When upgrading to Virto.CAD 1.11 for BricsCAD, please make sure to install BricsCAD V24.

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