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Virto.CAD Service Release 1.9.2

Our team has once again made some important changes in our Virto.CAD PV software. Read more below about the improvements, bug fixes and new features in our latest Virto.CAD service release : Virto.CAD 1.9.2.

New features & improvements

  • Mounting system Sunbeam
    • Integrated the new options to select which parts are black, standard, or not needed.
    • Combined error messages for better overview, and improved UI visualisation of the windows.
  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Combined consecutive errors to one error message.
  • Mounting system ESDEC:
    • Combined consecutive errors to one error message.
  • Ground build:
    • Racks with tilt angle 90 degrees are now allowed. (At this moment string mapping is not
      supported for such racks!)
  • Roof modelling:
    • Introduced an algorithm that can repair broken height markers in roof modelling.
    • Updated parapet generation to not make protruding corners against lower or non-existing parapets.

Bug fixes

  • Mounting system ESDEC:
    • Increased the accuracy of roof zone detection for mounting systems.
  • Mounting system Valkpro+:
    • Valkpro: Reduced the size of the ballast request.
  • Mounting system Sunbeam:
    • Mounting system: Sunbeam, end pieces are now taken into account.
  • BricsCAD:
    •  improved stability of drawing of trenches and trays.
    • Placing the summary palette onto the drawing no longer throws an exception.
    • Fixed placement issues with PV array leaders.
    • Fixed a problem with BricsCAD window not responding while loading Virto.CAD.
    • Fixed an issue where incorrect command was called when drawing units were changed in
    • Convert to road now works properly in BricsCAD.
  • Ground build:
    • Fix for rooftop tilt angle rounding during layout generation.
    • Fixed the automatic placement of devices in East-West layouts.
    • Continuous numbering now correctly defines the order of boundaries when user selects them
  • Compass:
    • Added a detection of module rotation vs compass rotation to prevent errors.
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes boundary with linked compass was displayed without it.
  • Wiring groups:
    • Fixed an error which appeared when a wiring group was deleted from system configuration.
  • Roof modelling:
    • Improved precision of roof zone detection.
    • Fixed unwanted rotation of obstacles on the sloped roof.
    • Set the rooftop slope labels to always be aligned to world view.
  • String mapping:
    • Updated visualisation of manual stringmapping.
    • Fix error when navigating backwards from initial string.
  • Solar rack settings:
    • Fixed an issue where the negative tilt angle of the rack was increasing each time the rack was saved.
  • Cable routing:
    • Solved a problem with cable routing induction loops for Snake stringmapping.
  • Boundary:
    • Cancelling during boundary rename doesn’t leave behind traces anymore.
  • Summary palette:
    • Performance increase when refreshing the summary palette

Warning: When downgrading, you first have to uninstall Virto.CAD 1.9.

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