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Virto.CAD Release 1.10

We’re happy to announce the release of Virto.CAD 1.10! Please continue reading for more information about the new features and improvements we have included in this release. 

Don’t forget to watch our latest video with all Virto.CAD 1.10 highlights!

New features & improvements

  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Better distribution for EW panels without neighbors
    • A warning message is displayed to indicate building restrictions.
    • Added support for UK.
  • Mounting system ESDEC:
    • Advanced ballast distribution is now supported for FlatFix Wave Plus Dual systems. Report language now can be selected.
    • Add ESDEC no go Zone on the drawing, behavior of ESDEC Roof Zone and update the
  • Mounting systems:
    • Auto dilatation algorithm was improved to better work on the non-aligned rows.
  • Ground build:
    • Ground clearance check on mesh is now available.
    • Row pitch and inter row distances now can be displayed when the racks are placed using the
      shadow angle.
    • Extended slope limitation highlighting: 3 different (adjustable by the user) colors for the side
      slopes, row-to-row slopes and all sloped, instead of one.
    • “Optimize” feature was modified to be used on Fix row pitch and require less inputs.
    • “Max. tilt” column is now not displayed for the Fixed tilt racks, “Tilt” column is now not
      displayed for Trackers.
    • Arrow on solar module blocks is now not displayed when the module is used in a Tracker.
    • Ground build options are now stored when build screen is reopened (or presets are loaded).
    • “Delete” command now also removed the piles coordinates.
    • Fixed the bug where multiple racks with the center alignment were placed with overlapping (or missing free space).
  • String mapping:
    • Allow a small tolerance in module rotation when doing string mapping. Fixes string mapping for
      specific drawings.
  • Label tag composer:
    • LV Cabinet name now can be also used as a part of the inverter label.
  • Compass:
    • Settings visualization was improved.
  • Rack configurator:
    • Top side height and bottom side height of the rack are now calculated the same way (using the
      same relative point).
  • Data extraction:
    • Corrected string overview information in data extraction window.
  • General improvements:
    • New solar modules added to the database.
    • When the drawing contains only one layout boundary, it is automatically selected in the rooftop/ground build windows. The same for the drawings with the single sensor grid.
    • Changed the resizing options for the most of the dialog windows, to display more values. Also, “Esc”/”Enter” now works for the most dialog windows.
    • Grid-like data in the multiple windows now can be properly sorted when clicking on the table column header.
    • Improved behavior of the “Rotate view” button that was sometimes ‘on’ when it shouldn’t be.
  • Rebuild
    • 3D solids now can be selected as an input for the Rebuild command.
  • Irradiance:
    • The sensor grid is now drawn as a rectangle.
    • It is now possible to specify module transparency and surface reflection when calculating solar irradiance (Agri-PV).
    • Irradiance calculation window was slightly redesigned to be more clear.
    • Solar irradiance values now can be also displayed for the surface mode.
    • Fix progress bar for irradiance simulation.
    • Calculation of the new irradiance simulation now clears the results of the previous one.
  • System config:
    • Minor UI changes of system configurator for fix voltage invertors.
    • Automatic string length calculations min / optimal / max.
    • When there is no cable combiners or string cabinets in the system configuration, corresponding message is displayed while attempting to automatically place such device.
    • Improved UI to operate with MPPT and string cabinets in the System Configurator.
  • Summary palette:
    • Vmpp column was added to the summary palette.
  • 3D obstacles:
    • Fences and roads now following the terrain mesh.
    • All available types of roads now can be created (converted from polyline) using the single button.
    • Solved a bug where three parameters were not rounded properly, and caused 3D generation to fail.
  • BricsCAD:
    • BricsCAD v23 is now supported.
    • Improved annotation scales to work like in AutoCAD.
  • Boundaries:
    • When clearing the boundary using “Delete” command, the strings are now also removed.
    • It is now possible to delete particular boundaries from the boundaries list in the build window.

Bug fixes

  • Mounting system Sunbeam:
    • Fixed a problem when getting PDF Sunbeam report leads to error.
  • Mounting system Solarstell:
    • Correct detection of the parapet height for Solarstell.
  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Entering the roof height in Avasco ballast calculation window is now more comfortable.
  • Mounting systems:
    • Fixed a bug where parallel modules placement was incorrect with non-flat building.
  • BricsCAD:
    • Fixed multiple bugs related to document lock.
    • Fixed a bug in BricsCAD where closing ribbon led to the reappearing another closed ribbon.
    • Few bugs were fixed when devices are placed directly from System configuration window.
    • Fixed a bug in BricsCAD that caused obstacles to not align with the roof slope.
    • Fixed a bug where canceling drawing rotation during the other input command in progress left
      the drawing in the rotated state.
    • Fixed a bug where Virto ribbon has been removed when swapping workspaces.
  • Rooftop Build:
    • Fixed Vertical stacking for roof layouts.
    • Fixed a bug where the rooftop obstacle could be placed without choosing the obstacle type.
  • Ground build:
    • Don’t add slopes texts in ground mount build when there is no mesh.
    • Fixed rack disappearing on upgrade if it is a clone of a default rack.
    • Fixed a bug where set coordinates command placed incorrect coordinates.
    • Continuous numbering now correctly defines the order of boundaries when the user selects
      them one-by-one.
  • Scaling:
    • Improved scaling of lines when the units are switched.
    • Fixed scaling of annotations when not scaling objects in the drawing.
  • String mapping:
    • Fixed bug where “Select modules” prompt appeared more than once per single string wiring.
    • Fixed a bug where some strings were skipped while doing semi-automatic string mapping.
    • String navigator state is now properly updating when changing opened drawing.
    • Solved a bug where copied modules triggered the different rotation error in string mapping.
  • Databases:
    • The symbol “/” is now allowed to use in inverter type name.
  • Data extraction:
    •  Corrected string overview information in data extraction window.
  • PV Array:
    • Fixed a bug where PV array names uniqueness wasn’t correctly checked.
  • Cable routing:
    • Fixed a bug which was repeating the command line prompt while doing trench drawing.
  • General improvements:
    • Dropdown filters’ behavior in the database window was changed.
    • Fixed a bug where the symbol “`” in the device name led to the errors.
    • Fixed a bug where “Saveall” command saved only active document, when a few drawings were
    • The order and layout of ribbon elements is now the same in AutoCAD and BricsCAD.
    • Counting of wiring groups and omitted modules has been corrected for the Summary palette
      and the System configuration windows.
  • 3D obstacles:
    • Fixed the bug where bollards and utility poles were placed at the wrong location due to the
      Rotate View mode.
    • Fixes for drawing of civil types and roof obstacles. Changed the behavior of accept and cancel
      and fixed using repeat last command and undo/redo.
  • Layout boundaries:
    • Fixed the bug where too small layout boundaries were causing the errors.

Warning: when downgrading, you first have to uninstall Virto.CAD 1.9.

Virto.CAD 1.10 is compatible with BricsCAD Pro V23. Please note we no longer support V22.

When upgrading to Virto.CAD 1.10, please make sure to install BricsCAD V23 first.

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