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Virto.CAD Service Release 1.10.2

We’re happy to introduce Virto.CAD Service Release 1.10.2.

Please continue reading for an overview about the new features, improvements  and bug fixes. 

New features and improvements

  • Module placement:
    • When changing the height of a flat roof, modules, strings, devices, trays and cable routing are now adjusted automatically.
  • Wiring groups:
    • Wiring groups now support  different colors for East and West panels.
  • String mapping:
    • String mapping on PV racks with a 90 degrees tilt is now supported.
  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Country Luxembourg added.
  • Mounting system Esdec:
    • Added ballast tiles weight options: 3.6 kg and 4.0 kg.
    • Adjusted error messages to contain more information.
  • Irradiance simulation:
    • Irradiance scale values are now being saved and restored with the corresponding weather file.

Bug fixes

  • BricsCAD:
    • Fixed irradiance scaling settings, where sometimes the slider couldn’t be set to 100 after moving.
  • Road placement:
    • Fixed a bug where road selfintersection could lead to the CAD application could get stuck in a
      nonresponsive state.
  • Replace grid:
    • Fixed the accuracy of replacing the grid with slightly bigger panels.
  • Solar module database:
    • Fixed the module database search filtering.
    • Column “Tisc” was removed from the solar module database.
    • Warning: Double check the μISC column to contain the correct value.
  • Omitted modules:
    • Fixed a bug related to copying racks with omitted modules.
  • Roof modeling:
    • Fixed a bug where the slope was not rounded to the correct value.
    • Fixed a bug with an unaligned object on a roof giving a generic error.
    • Added rounding to the roof heights text.
    • Fixed the accuracy of slope rounding on rooftops with a complex shape.
  • Copy/move:
    • Fixed accuracy of Copy/Move operations.
  • Irradiance:
    • Fixed a bug where the irradiance threshold always displayed values in percent (even when kWh units were selected).
  • Dilatations:
    • Auto dilatation for EW portrait systems is now much faster.
    • Fixed a few issues with dilatation on EastWest panel groups.
    • Fixed a few cases of incorrect autodilatation.
  • Wiring groups:
    • Fixed a bug where the wiring group modules selection couldn’t be changed after the wiring
      group was created.
  • Mounting system Esdec:
    • Fixed a bug where the keep out zone was incorrect if there was a hole in the roof.
  • Mounting system Sunbeam:
    • Fixed discrepancies with the sunbeam ballast calculations between Virto.CAD and the webtool.
  • Compass:
    • Fixed bug regarding the “rotate to top” compass setting.
  • Module colorization:
    • Fixed an error where colorization without string mapping could cause some errors.
  • String mapping interconnections:
    • Fixed a bug where the rack layer freeze was not canceled after manual interconnection on modules.
  • Layout boundary:
    • Fixed a bug where the wrong compass angle was recognized for a recovered boundary.

Virto.CAD 1.10.1 is compatible with BricsCAD Pro V23.

Please note we no longer support V22. When upgrading to Virto.CAD 1.10, please make sure to install BricsCAD V23 first.


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Read more about all Virto.CAD features and functionalities here or check our FAQ page. For more information about pricing and subscriptions, please click here.