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Virto.CAD Service Release 1.10.1

We’re happy to introduce Virto.CAD Service Release 1.10.1!

Please continue reading for an overview about the improvements  and bug fixes. 


  • Mounting system Blubase:
    • Renamed Solarstell to Blubase following their rebranding.
  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Default value for ballast block rounding changed to 0.25.
  • Mounting systems:
    • Optimized dilatation algorithm to perform better and faster.
  • System config/Summary palette:
    • Fixed bug in Inverter summary palette. The order is now the same as in the System Config.

Bug fixes

  • Mounting system Avasco:
    • Removed unsupported ballast thicknesses.
    • Calculating one boundary no longer deletes results from other boundaries.
  • Mounting system ESDEC:
    • Fixed ESDEC roof zone calculation on edge cases.
  • Mounting system Valkpro+:
    • Display the ballast on the correct profile for West panels.
    • Use the user supplied roof height when calculating the edge zone.
  • General:
    • Fixed a bug that caused the non-English AutoCAD version to not work properly.
  • AutoCAD:
    • Fixed a bug where AutoCAD threw a fatal error when opening a drawing with duplicate racks.
  • Summary palette:
    • Fixed a bug where omitted modules were not counted in the summary palette.
    • Fixed a bug where Summary Palette displayed tilt and orientation of East panels incorrectly.
  • Rooftop Build:
    • EW built: top and bottom gap values are now being updated while changing row pitch or tilt.
  • Copy/Move grid:
    • Fixed module position when copying between roof slopes.
    • Use correct row pitch on a sloped roof with copy/move grid.
    • Fixed copying racks and modules between boundaries using the VIRTO_COPYINSTANCE* and
      VIRTO_MOVEINSTANCE* commands.
  • Colorization:
    • Fixed a bug that caused colorization of the inverters to not work.
  • String mapping:
    • Now works when a rotation in modules of less than 1° happens around the compass 360° point.
  • Road creation tool:
    • Fixed a bug where the new roads were seen as the outline of an exclusion zone.
  • Licensing:
    • Fixed messages when licenses aren’t valid.
    • For floating license users: The appropriate message when exceeding simultaneous logins is now shown instead of an exception message.
  • Irradiance:
    • Fixed + improved irradiance threshold’s cutoff performance, revised the algorithm to work instantly.
    • Fixed the internal error when executing irradiance with both threshold and XREF options enabled.


Virto.CAD 1.10.1 is compatible with BricsCAD Pro V23.

Please note we no longer support V22. When upgrading to Virto.CAD 1.10, please make sure to install BricsCAD V23 first.

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